Legal Reasons Landlords Reject Tenants

Landlords have the right to deny tenants for a variety of reasons. There are a few examples when it’s illegal, however, we are not going to discuss those here. It’s a huge headache to deal with a nightmare tenant and its not worth the aggravation. For many it’s probably easier to let the apartment sit vacant until a worthwhile tenant applies. 

Here are a few common examples when landlords deny approval for prospective renters. 

  • Bad Rental History

You are asking for it if you rent to someone with previous poor rental history. This can include broken leases and judgements against renters. If they haven’t paid off their debts to previous landlords, what are the chances they will pay you. It’s probably in your best interests to reject any customer that owes any apartment management or landlord any money related to rent. 

  • Poor Credit

You remember to pull the credit report didn’t you. Renters that have poor credit scores usually have lots of debts. It’s not unheard of to deny renters for outstanding cell phone bills and unpaid credit cards. If they cannot pay their cell phone bills, how are they going to pay you. 

  •  Limited Employment History

This is more about preference here. If a renter doesn’t have a strong resume employment, then you might carry more risk here. Nobody wants to deny someone who can pay their rent and has proof of employment, but if you are deciding between 2 renters, choose the one with a better resume.

  • Pets

Some owners won’t ever lease to someone with a pet. Dogs and cats can destroy property. Yes you can collect a deposit, fees, and even monthly pet rent. But you have to ask if it’s worth it. They can scratch wood floors and stain carpeting. When your renters leave, you will have to a good job cleaning the place for the next tenants who will occupy the space. Many times renters will also sneak in more pets. You think they only have one, but before you know it, they have 2 or 3. Plus dogs bark and can be a nuisance.

  • Late Payments

Paying your rent late is not a crime .And it may be hard to find out that your renters are the ones that won’t pay you on time. It’s a headache to deal with tenants who constantly pay late or want to make partial payments. Calling references is a great way to find out if your renters are of the late variety. 

  • Lack of Income

Don’t allow tenants who don’t make the required income to lease with you. Many larger apartment properties are requiring their tenants to make 3.5 times the monthly rent. We believe that this is a good place to start. When you start to lower your restrictions, then the disadvantages start to mount in your favor. 

Don’t sink yourself by choosing incorrect tenants for your apartment home or house. Making smart decisions will make your life easier and put more money in your pocket.