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Schedule An Emergency Escape Plan

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Schedule An Emergency Escape Plan

No one ever really plans for an emergency to occur. But if it occurs in your apartment home you will need to get out in a hurry. Whether it be a flood, fire, or another disaster, knowing where to go is extremely important. Its a good idea to have an escape plan that you can follow. So read on to determine what you need to do if a disaster comes your way.

 Then entire key to getting out of your apartment home safely is to have a plan in place. This will be your route if you have to leave immediately.  So sit down and draw up a rough sketch of your apartment home. Label all the exits that are possible. If you are not sure, walk in every room in your home to determine these exit points. This will be a way to exit quickly and safely.  Make any notes that you deem necessary. If your on the first floor, your windows may serve as a convenient exit point.  If your on the second floor, there might be a ladder on your balcony that will give you access to the road below.

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