How Much Does It Really Cost To Hire a Moving Company


How Much Does It Really Cost To Hire a Moving Company

What is the true cost of hiring movers to move your stuff from point “A” to point “B”. This is a very common question among renters who have just rented a new apartment home. There is not doubt that if you perform a self-service move, chances are it will cost less money straight out of your pockets.

But what about the time it will take you to do everything that encompasses a move. From packing boxes, moving them up and down a flight of stairs, loading, them in the moving truck, and then driving it to your new location, it sure will take a lot of time out of your day. And it may take more than one.

If you choose to to splurge and hire mover than can preform a variety of tasks. The more tasks the more it will cost, but also it means the less work you will have to do as well. Some even provide packing services. That means you really won’t have to do anything.

But its almost impossible for anyone to tell you what a move will cost without getting an estimate from a moving company. There are a variety of factors that will come into play.


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Follow These Tips on How Your Apartment Can Get You In Shape

stay in shape in your apartment

Follow These Tips on How Your Apartment Can Get You In Shape

Looking to get in shape or just shed a few pounds this summer. Well if you live in an apartment you will have plenty of chances to start losing that weight that you have always wanted to.

How many of you have tried to lose weight with an eating and exercise plan, but soon you found that you went back to your old ways. The one great advantage of living in an apartment community is that you will have a multitude of ways to get into shape or lost the weight that you want.

Now many of you may believe in a gym.  Working out in a gym takes time, dedication, and money. You most likely will be paying a monthly rate to use the facility and you will have to travel back and forth.

But chances are your apartment community already has one onsite. And although it might not have all the bells and whistles of a paid gym membership, it might have enough for you to get the job down.

Here are some tips that most renters can use in their apartment community.

be sure to eat…

A) Why waste your time exercising when your not going to eat a clean and balanced diet? It really comes down to purchasing foods that are conducive to your new lifestyle. If your not sure what healthy foods are then you might want to ask friends and family for some advice. Remember that if you have only healthy foods at home, you won’t be able to eat items that will lead to weight gain.

sometimes take the stairs…

B) If you live on the second floor or higher, get used to taking the stairs. How many of you wait for the elevator. Remember that every little bit helps. Over time it can really add up. While your add it, look for parking spaces that require that you walk the most. Whether this is in your parking garage at your apartment or shopping at a department store, this will aid you in your goals.

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check out the fitness center

C) Before you rent your next place, be sure and scope out the fitness center. Most leasing agents will show you this feature on the tour. Remember that this doesn’t cost you extra. Its already part of your rent payment. Some of these fitness centers already have the latest equipment that you might already be using. So before you say that the facility doesn’t have the equipment you need, be sure to do some investigation on your own.

Besides taking advantage of some of these options above, many apartment communities are large. Taking long walks around the complex is a sure way to get some healthy exercise and stay in shape.


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Get Your Apartment Back: How To Clean More Effectively

Get Your Apartment Back: How To Clean More Effectively

Nobody likes to clean their apartment home. But it’s something that you will have to do. Your apartment isn’t going to clean itself. So you can either take it upon yourself to do the honors, or you can hire a housekeeper or cleaning service to do it for you.

But there are a few tactics you can use so it doesn’t get too out of control. For example, don’t wait until it becomes so unbearable. This probably means that your entire place is out of control. Try and do a little cleaning when necessary.

Here are some other strategies you can employ today.

make a list

Not many renters know where to start when it comes to cleaning their home. So a good place to start is to set down and make a list of what needs to be done.  So a good tactic to use is simply to start with the “kitchen”. This is a place in your apartment home that probably needs a good cleaning. So what needs to be cleaned in the kitchen?

*Wash dishes and place them in the dishwasher

*Wipe down counters using a cleaner when necessary

*Sweep floor

*If the trash if full, take it outside of your apartment home to the nearest trash bin.

You should have a list like this for each room in your place. Of course you can add and edit certain chores on your list when necessary. Keep this checklist in a safe place. After enough time, you will remember each part by heart.

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be sure to start in the right ….

Many renters will start cleaning the wrong rooms first. There should be a certain set of priorities to get the job done. Trying to do to much at once will leave you frustrated.

So have you thought about what’s the most important cleaning chore to start first? Thats really up to you.  There is mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, washing clothes, taking out the trash, and much more.

It won’t be hard to determine what you should do first. If you have dishes that are stacked in your sink and empty pizza boxes lying around, this obviously would be a priority over dusting the fan.

if you have roommates…

If you have roommates then all of you should sit down and make a plan. Certain chores should be assigned weekly. You might even want to make a chart and attach it to the refrigerator. That way all the roommates know where their responsibilities lie for the week.

Remember that cleaning your apartment home is part of living and renting. So be sure to prioritize and clean in the most efficient manner you can.

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Don’t Forget About These Important Items During Your Apartment Search


Don’t Forget About These Important Items During Your Apartment Search

Searching for an apartment ecompasses many factors. The majority of renters are usually only concerned with a few factors. These usually include price and location. Everything else is just left to chance.

And many times renters get so consumed by all the fine details that it creates havoc upon their search.  At the end of the day its sometimes hard to remember what the apartment homes looked like, what amenities were included, and the exact location of each. This will slow your apartment search and create unneeded stress. Its best to avoid too many of the details as it might not matter to you.

However, there are some items that you should focus on that many renters don’t remember. Read on for these details that will make your stay at the community more enjoyable.

where are you washing…

Will you be able to wash and dry your clothes inside your apartment home.  Having access to your own washer/dryer is sometimes forgotten. If not, where is the laundry room located? Will you have to travel up and down stairs to get there? If there are connections in the apartment home, then your set.

In many cases there you won’t have access to a laundry room in the community, so ask your leasing agent where you can go to launder your clothes.

where is the property located…

If your apartment home has every amenity and convenience that you can think of, but you have to go out of your way to get there, it might not be as great as it could be. Long commutes will wear you down over time. So be sure you map out how far the apartment community is from the locations that you will frequent the most.

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avoid focusing on….

Don’t be fooled by the amenities and features that the apartments try to show you during your tours. The size of the unit, where it is located in the community, and the floor-plan should determine if you will live there.

Make sure your comfortable, and don’t be afraid to bring a measuring tape with you to determine if your furniture can fit well.

Remember that by focusing on the important items in your search, you will make the best leasing decision for yourself. Don’t get too worked up about the small stuff.

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How To Protect Your WIFI Network in Your Apartment

protect wifi in your apartment theme

How To Protect Your WIFI Network in Your Apartment

Wifi is common at many properties today. If you don’t have (Wireless Internet Service) then maybe its time that you wake up to what you have been missing. Of course wired Internet does have its advantages, but with portable laptop computers, tablets, and phones, WIFI has become necessary or many renters who live in apartment homes today.

And for many of you, WIFI is one of the first items you request when you visit restaurants, bars, and when you are visiting a friend. But there are some security issues when you get right down to it.

they can use your Internet anytime

Remember that anytime you provide your WIFI password, anyone can access your network at anytime. When that person leaves, they can still access your network from outside or even if they are just next door.

Also if your password is something thats easy such as “1, 2, 3, 4″ its time to change it. Be sure to use characters that are unique. Numbers will work very well.

Unless your a technical expert, it is kind of hard to know if somebody is logged onto your WIFI network without your permission. You might notice that you Internet speed has decreased significantly. This might be one items that may tip you off.

turn off all of your WIFI…

So what can you do if you think someone is tapped into your network? The first step to take is to turn off all the devices which are using your network. This will include any gaming devices, tables, phones, etc. Make sure that they are not connected.

Now all you have to do is check out the WIFI lights and see if they are blinking. If they are its possible that someone is stealing your WIFI signal.

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call your provider…

If your not a high tech person you can call your provider and ask them how you can change your password or even hide your network from others.

Although you may not care at first, many providers bill based upon how much usage you use. And if your Internet speed is lagging, you won’t be getting what your paying for.

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Mistakes Renters Make When They Move Out


Mistakes Renters Make When They Move Out

There are many benefits when you decide to rent your own apartment home. Many renters stress about money, security, and parking issues. But doesn’t the resident also have to follow a certain set of guidelines as well. Doesn’t a landlord also want a tenant who follow the rules. A landlord prefers a tenant who pays their rent on time and keeps the place in good condition.

But after you have been approved and you have moved in, you won’t think so much about these things anymore. You will be more interested in setting up your place they way you like it. But there are some mistakes you should avoid making that will make your life much easier.

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keep you place locked…

Nothing can make your experience worse than having your apartment home broken into. So when you leave make sure your doors are locked. If you have windows facing any community areas, be sure those are also fastened securely. Peepholes are mandatory in many states. If you don’t have a peephole you might want to check the law in your state, or simply ask your landlord for assistance with the installation.

don’t install…

Read your lease before you make any significant changes to your apartment home. If you plan on painting walls, hanging up pictures by hammering nails in the walls, or any else that will be considered a permanent change, you may be charged once you move out. And it can be quite costly.

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take action sooner than…

Although your landlord probably is responsible for all the repairs resulting from normal wear and tear, it you don’ take action soon enough, it could become your problem. And then when you move out your landlord my try and stick you with the bill. So if you have a small crack on the mirror or window, or cracks are appearing in the walls, do yourself a favor and report them.

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Why You Shouldn’t Smoke in Your Apartment

dont smoke in your apartment

Why You Shouldn’t Smoke in Your Apartment

Unless you smoke, chances are that you prefer your friends and family don’t employ this habit in your apartment home.  And if you have guests staying for a few days, that last thing you want to have to deal with is smoke. Although they should have the respect to step outside, it can become an uncomfortable situation for the both of you.  How do you tell them to simply not smoke inside your home? Obviously its your place, so you shouldn’t feel bad at all to ask them nicely. But if they have a problem with it, just ask them to politely leave.  Usually it won’t come to this. But what if your not the type of person who likes to get into confrontations.  Well if its regarding smoking, you will be breathing in second hand smoke. You may actually be harmed.  There is evidence that second-hand smoke can possible cause death.

Here are some steps that you can follow.

Most apartment communities today will have some sort of policy regarding smoking. Smokers usually have an area that they can partake in this activity away from your home. If you smoke, or a guest smokes in your apartment home, and its a non-smoking community, you will be responsible for any fees and possible repair to the unit. Be sure and ready your lease for more information. If you know that one of your guest is a smoker, ask them not to smoke in your apartment home.  They way you can set a standard before they even arrive. There shouldn’t be any further questions after you have notified them ahead of time. If your guest steps outside, the smoke can still enter your home if they choose to smoke feet away from your front door.  So you can just leave your windows open so the smoke won’t settle inside. After they leave you will need to clean the interior of your home. Smoke has a way of attaching itself to fixtures in your place.

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don’t argue and don’t…

There is not reason to argue or lecture your guest. They are only staying temporarily and they have no doubt heard from many people about not smoking. Just remember to be polite and they should respond in kind. They know that they are staying with you and since its your place, its your rules. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Why You Shouldn’t Smoke in Your Apartment ________________________________________________________________________________________

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What Makes A Pet Friendly Community

pet friendly apartment community

What Makes A Pet Friendly Community

We know that your pet is important to you, and many renters who search Houston1apartments are searching for a new home in which they know their pet will be comfortable and happy.

Is there really a difference between a pet friendly community and one that allows pets? At first glance you might think that they have an identical meaning.  But the truth of the matter is that they are not really the same. A pet friendly apartment home actually  offers much more than one that just allows your pet to occupy the space.

Search for your next apartment rental in Tomball today.

pets allowed:

A community that will simply allow your pets will have a few restrictions to follow:

* You will need to put down a pet deposit and possibly pay “pet rent” each month

*There will probably be a maximum weight limit for your pet.  So ask your leasing agent for more details

*Almost all apartment communities will have some sort of breed restriction. Usually aggressive breeds are not allowed. This will include Bulldogs, Dobermans, etc…

pet friendly:

But pet friendly apartment communities will offer so much more. In fact your pet might be spoiled after you see all the extras that are available to them.

*Many communities will have leash-free zones or dog parks that are adjacent to the community. Here both you and your pet can enjoy some play time together and meet some fresh new faces

*If you don’t like leaving your pet in your home by themselves for long period of times alone, how enlisting them in doggy day care. You might even let them have a little extra “spa treatment” as well.

*What pet doesn’t like free doggie treats. You will find these among many communities too.

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Questions to ask about pet friendly apartment homes

Many renters sometimes don’t understand why their pet isn’t accepted into the community.  Many times the breed will be denied and the renters states something like “my dog wouldn’t hurt a fly”.  Breed restrictions have been put into place for everyone’s safety. And they usually cannot do accept dogs on a case by case basis. This is why certain restrictions have been put into place.


What Makes A Pet Friendly Community



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Reasons Why Living Off Campus is a Great Alternative

why living off campus is so great

Reasons Why Living Off Campus is a Great Alternative

Are you considering moving out of the dorms and into an apartment home thats near school? If you’re a student searching for an apartment off campus, then you know you can’t start looking 30 days before you want to move. You must look many months in advance as usually the most sought after housing goes first.

There are many great reasons why you might prefer to choose not to live in the dormitories. One of these are costs. When your splitting everything down the middle with a roommate, you can save some real money here. But most students aren’t thinking about only cost savings when attending school. There are other benefits to take into consideration as well.

you need more space…

Frankly, there isn’t much space in a dorm room. You have enough space to sleep and a desk to study. Although apartments usually are giant like homes, they do offer more space and more rooms than a dorm does. Its nice not to have to literally be on top of your roommate all the time. And if your sharing a two bedroom apartment home not only will you get your own room to sleep, you will also have a living room and kitchen area. Even inviting guests over to sleep is easier.

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there are so many awesome amenities…

What about all the awesome and cool amenities that apartments now offer. Relax out by the pool, use the business center with state of the art computers and WIFI connections, or just sit in the movie style theatre and enjoy. And if you are thinking about getting a pet, there might not be a better time.

Chances are you don’t have a refrigerator and stove in your dorm. That really is something to be frowned upon, especially when your hungry and the dining hours are over. That forces you do order some takeout. Having a refrigerator a few steps away is something that is welcomed for just about everyone.

Don’t forget about being paired with a roommate that you don’t know. If you don’t get along or jive with them, it can make for an uncomfortable living experience.

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How To Throw A House-Warming Party Without Breaking the Bank

how to throw an apartment housewarming party

How To Throw A House-Warming Party Without Breaking the Bank

So you just moved into your new apartment home all by yourself.  The interiors are lined with the latest upgrades like granite counters, maple cabinetry, tall ceilings, and it sports a breathtaking view. So its time to throw a house-warming party and invite all of your friends and family to see.

For many of us on a budget, its tight and we don’t have the luxury of spending a whole bunch of cash. The good news is that its not too expensive to get this done the correct way. You already have the location picked out and you won’t have to pick up a big tab for dinner and drinks at a lavish restaurant.  So read on for some tips you can use today.

Find an apartment for rent in Downtown today!

start the party a little..

Although you will need to provide some bites to eat and drinks, you won’t have to go overboard.  Have you though about starting the party a little late? If you guests have already had something to eat beforehand, you won’t have to spend a lot of money providing large meals.

Chips and dip, or hot dogs, are some items that everybody likes and its not too expensive.

keep your guests …

Try and keep everyone at your party entertained. The more fun they have, the longer they will stay and they will be sure to call or text you and tell you how much they enjoyed the party. There are an unlimited amount of games that are great for housewarming parties.  There are plenty of smartphone apps that fit the bill here. All it takes is a quick search on your favorite search engine and you will be on your way.

But maybe everyone is already having a great time. After all conversation does go a long way with friends and family. But its your job to make sure everyone is involved.

limit the amount of…

Most apartment homes don’t have a ton of space. So you probably will be limited with the amount of people that you can invite. But if you have a two or three bedroom apartment home, you might be able to invite quite a few more people. Just be sure everyone is comfortable and has plenty of space.

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